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The development of our official website was placed in motion on the 14th June 2021. The official website was completed, registered and hosted online on 14th August 2021. Our online presence showcases everything Fintek Group LTD is about. We have made it possible and easy for our clients to track deposit records, investment records, withdrawal record, referral records, etc. Fintek Group Ltd is always at your service with its user-friendly interface, secure infrastructure and application that makes a difference. We provide you with the most necessary features to enhance your experience. We not only guarantee the fastest and the most exciting return on your investment, but we also guarantee the security of your investment. UNIQUE WEBSITE FEATURES SSL Secured Comodo Essential-SSL Security encryption guarantees the safety and legitimacy of the content presented on our website. DDoS Protection We use the services of the most experienced and trusted DDoS protection and mitigation provider. Dedicated Servers We use a dedicated server for our website. This means we are allowed exclusive resource use of the entire server. Fast Withdrawal With a minimum withdrawal amount of $15 and no maximum, withdrawals are processed daily. Duration to receive payment after withdrawal request is within 10 to 30 minutes. 24/7 Support We’re always available to attend to you and resolve any issue or confusion you may experience. Our customer support service is available on live chat, e-mail and on telegram.